Management system

We implement energy & water management systems for public organizations, corporations and private subjects. We prepare ISO 50001 certifications.

Energy management

We define tailored energy management systems for public organizations, corporations and private subjects to monitor and control energy consumption and to increase overall energy performance of buildings.

Energy security

Our energy security experts assist in prevention and elimination of high-risk situations like power outages, water supply restrictions and cyber-attacks

Healthy buildings

We map negative conditions in buildings, mainly exceedance of CO2 hygiene limits, noise limits and light standards in classrooms and offices. We design and coordinate the implementation of relevant corrective measures.

Consumption optimization

We prepare energy passports of buildings, implement remote consumption measuring, analyze and propose optimization opportunities and implement integrated systems for collection, retention and utilization of rainwater.


We assess the suitability of installing photovoltaic and thermal solar systems. We propose ways of storing recovered energy and assess the suitability of heat recovery systems.

Additional services

We assess the suitability of implementing energy-efficient projects using the EPC method. We process energy audits and assessments e.g. to obtain subsidies and process energy labels of buildings (according to Act No. 406/2000 Coll. on Energy Management).

Energy management platform ENERBOX

  • Enables to connect a wide variety of applications using different communication protocols.
  • Integrates energy management into one platform that allows to work with all types of data acquired from various sources.
  • Works with static data (tariffs, reserved capacity, terms & conditions) and dynamic data, primarily using remote consumption measuring. Oversees defined parameters (e.g. maximum power input, compliance with limits) and sends notifications in case of unauthorized consumption or leaks.

Energy ecosystem

We create an energy ecosystem based on the collection and evaluation of building’s indoor and outdoor data. The result is a set of recommendations for immediate energy corrective measures, predictions of environmental concepts and integrated solutions propositions.

Mapping via EnerBox

We incorporate our concepts and measurements into maps. This enables us to create completely original forms of passportization, overviews of building certifications, data models and well-arranged analyzes and visualizations following the client's energy ecosystem.

Relevant areas of interest

  • Smart City projects
  • Urban energy atlas
  • Photovoltaic projects
  • Energy security
  • Smart Grids

External energy expert services

  • From the position of an external energy expert, EnerSolutio provides all activities related to energy management. This service is useful in situations where it is not worth hiring a full-time energy expert (because of financial reasons, expected low utilization or lack of available certified professionals).
  • The service includes coordination of key energy management activities – optimization of consumption and tariffs, revision or supervision of energy purchases, processing a time-schedule for the introduction of energy management according and preparation of certification according to ČSN EN ISO 50001.
  • Furthermore, the external energy expert actively participates in the search and preparation of grant opportunities and project co-financing and contributes to ensuring energy security.

About us

  • We are a consulting and technology company that connects professionals and integrates energy and technology solutions, academia, and public and private sector.
  • We have experience in both the private sector and public administration, for example as technology and energy consultants for cities or as architects delivering a wide variety of concepts and projects.
  • We offer technology solutions, an energy data platform, concept creation and analyses. We deliver business models and products for modern energy-tech areas and we are implementing pilot energy projects for cities, corporations and investors. We involve leading experts from all related areas.
  • We integrate energy projects, protect systems, set standards and collect, analyze and interpret energy ecosystem data.


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